3 Facts To Benefit You By Attending Chick-Fil-A Leadercast

CFALC13_speakerThe picture above denotes some of the greatest leaders in the world at 2013 Leadercast!  I despise Duke (I’ve always been a North Carolina Tar Heel fan), but there is no denying that Coach Mike Krzyzewski is one of the greatest coaches and leaders of our time.

Come hear the invaluable information from Jack Welch, who during his tenure as CEO of General Electric, the company’s value rose over 4000%!

We also have on tap Navy Seal Rorke Denver who starred in the 2012 hit movie:  Act of Valor.

Below are 3 interesting facts that will benefit you by attending the Leadercast:

  • Continuing Education Credit (CE) – By attending, you can receive Continuing Education Credit.  At the end of the event, you will receive a Letter of Certificate and Participation that can be given to your human resources department.
  • I’m giving away 10 Tickets to college students – There is no success without a succession plan, I want to invest in the next generation of leaders.  Be one of the first 10 by following me on Twitter @180x360Leaders and then retweeting this blog update.
  • By investing in yourself for this one day event, you are getting information from some of the greatest thinkers and leaders of our time.

You can register for this life-impacting event via the following methods:

  1. marquesholmes.com
  2. http://www.chick-fil-aleadercast.com/location/360degreeleadership

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