3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adoption

Girl Holding PlantAfter careful deliberation and several months of praying and talking about it, Krystal and I are exploring the process of adopting another baby.  Of course we have our 2 kids but even before we had Major, our 2-year old, we had always seriously thought about adopting.

We are nowhere near perfect parents, but we undoubtedly know that we try to pattern our lives after Jesus Christ and live a principled, ethical life which is the baseline for good parenting.

I am also a firm believer in adoption because I have strong men in my life that showed me the value of raising children that they didn’t create but still treated those kids like they were their own.  As a result, my 20-year old daughter Kamille, is just that:  “MY” daughter.  I am not her birth father, but from the moment I married my wife, Kamille was my child.  I’ve never referred to Kamille as my “step-daughter” in conversations and there are some people we’ve known over a decade who have no clue that she has a different birth father.

I also want to raise awareness regarding adoption because there are lots of myths that simply aren’t true that might deter people.  There are links I’ve listed below that assist in providing factual information that can aide in making your decision.

Please note, there are hundreds of great reasons people should think about adoption when it comes to children but I wanted to give you my Top 3 Reasons:

  • If you grew up in a loving home and know the great impact it had on you, then you should consider adoption.  The ripple effect of raising our future leaders in an environment where they can thrive is paramount to this world’s future.
  • On the flip side, if you didn’t grow up in a home that fostered family growth but now that you are an adult you have made the decision that you never want children to experience what you did, then please consider adoption.
  • Yes, you’ll be providing them a great life, but believe me, they’ll add more to your existence than you can to theirs.  I’ve learned so much more as a father raising my daughter Kamille and it has shown me what being a real man is all about.

Again, not everyone is cut out for adoption.  Even if you aren’t, I beg you to get involved in an organization that assists the growth of kids in their most important years such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters, The Boys and Girls Club or your local foster care system. 

There are several resources and organizations that assist in helping with adoption and even preparing you through on-line quizzes to see if you are ready for this big move.

A few links to some of these resources are below:

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