5 Technologies/Applications That Increase Efficiency

I would consider myself somewhat of a techno-nerd who enjoys using and trying things to increase efficiency and productivity.  In this particular blog, I discuss 5 technologies that are very easy to use by anyone whether a techo-nerd or techno-novice.

Through the years these 5 have stuck with me because no matter how many new technologies come out, I continually go back to them because they are just great tools for your career and private life.


These 5 solutions are:

  • Xobni (Inbox spelled backwards)
  • Evernote
  • SwiftKey
  • Keeper
  • Slingbox

Xobni  (xobni.com)

  • If you want to process 100’s of emails/day use the power of this tool to do it.
  •  Whether it is Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo stop creating subfolders to manage your inbox.   With Xobni’s powerful search tool I now have one folder.  I dump everything into it that I’ve read and when I need to find an email, a document attached to a previous email or a contact from an email Xobni is the place to go.
  • Xobni doesn’t stop there – they have their mobile app for IOS, Android and Blackberry which allows me to bring up any contact – not just those within my Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo Address book – any contact that I’ve ever emailed or has emailed me.
  • The social media aspect of Xobni is amazing as well:  if the contacts that I’ve emailed or emailed me are on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc, Xobni shows me their profile information for easy look up.
  • You’ll eventually want to upgrade to Xobni Pro as the free version is awesome but the paid version ($20+ dollars/year) is even better.

Evernote (Evernote.com)

  • Over 5 years ago I decided to go paperless (as much as possible) when it came to note taking in meetings to my personal journal.  Evernote has become my best friend.
  • This tool has a desktop version, mobile apps for all mobile operating systems and a web version where you can access all your content from any place and it is synced for easy retrieval from any device.  Upgrade to the paid version and get password protection of all your data plus additional cloud storage space.
  • Michael Hyatt (michaelhyatt.com) does an outstanding job of speaking to Evernote’s capabilities as he is a huge fan of it as well.

Slingbox (slingbox.com)

  • I have been using Slingbox the longest out of all the tools mentioned above.  It simply allows you to view on your mobile device (you must pay for the application via IOS/Android/Blackberry) or the web whatever the Slingbox hardware is connected to at your home or office.
  • I have mine connected to my DirecTV DVR.  This nifty solution was pretty easy to install and their walk through process is pretty simple in connecting it to your wired or wireless network.
  • I literally can view and control my DirecTV DVR as if I’m sitting right in front of my TV.  Please note, whether it is Comcast, Dish or whatever cable TV provider you have, Slingbox can connect to it.
  • For the business traveler who needs to catch up on their latest TV series, you’ll love Slingbox.

Swiftkey (Swiftkey.net)

  • Swiftkey is an amazing app that literally learns your text and writing patterns and will start predicting what you are going to type next on your Android device.
  • I’ve been using it over 1 month and I’ve saved over 5000 keystrokes on my Android device.
  • iOS users are out of luck on this one…

Keeper (Keepersecurity.com)

  • Tired of trying to remember every password you have for your work environment and personal life?
  • This easy to manage application allows you to input and access all passwords and data from a secure environment whether it is from the web or a mobile device.
  • What’s even better is your password info is synced across all devices you have the app loaded.

Question: Which technology solution above do you like the most or if you’ve never used any of the above, which one would you try?

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