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My name is Marques A. Holmes (pronounced: (Marcus)…yep, it’s best to start our journey together knowing how to pronounce my name right. Ha! Thanks for visiting my website, please continue on to find out why I do what I do. Hopefully I can help you in your personal life, family life, business and relationships and ultimately assist in you becoming the leader you are designed to be.

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Why Subscribe To My Blog

This blog is meant to inspire people to be courageous in confronting their challenges, fears, frustrations in the areas of relationships.  Relationships are the foundation of being successful in life.  Below are some of the topics I blog about:

Blended Families and how to manage this often difficult dynamic – Blended Familes are growing at an exponential rate with the advent of re-marriage and the world being a cultural melting pot.  I offer real world, practical advice on this subject.

Marriage – My wonderful wife Krystal will share how we overcame (and still overcoming) our struggles so you don’t have to and so you don’t have to feel alone in your experience.

How to raise children that have amazing self esteem, unbeliable work ethic and compassion for the world around them.  It’s not easy, but it’s well worth it!



Personal Leadership Development

Team Building – If you have a business or organization, the source of your success is the people on your team.  Often though, getting those people to work together with differing personalities and perspectives can be hard to point towards one common goal.

Business Consulting – Whether it’s helping launch your business, product or solution I’m here to assist.  In addition, I’ve been brought into several companies to initiate team building activities, provide key-note and motivational teaching & speaking.

marques holmes' family

Frequency of my posts:

I publish at least once per week, so to keep up with the latest, please subscribe:

Why I Do This

Family First Mentality

I believe in 1st things 1st and my family is my top priority.  I’m passionate about impacting people to become the best version of themselves, but what difference does it make if I’ve lost my family in the process.  That’s why I’m striving to live what I’m teaching…have I always gotten it right, NO I haven’t…and I hope through my transparency, you’ll learn from my mistakes.  I desire to show people how to have harmony in both their personal and professional lives.

 Community Learning & Engagement

marques holmes' familyMy mission in life is to impact people to race towards being the best version of themselves and to execute on the potential living inside of them.  This blog is designed for engagement. I want to hear your stories of triumph through struggle, how you overcame, that great idea that could help someone else take their business to the next level in social engagement.  I love reading and responding to comments and seeing community dialogue.


Let’s learn together and during the journey, my promise to you is to be vulnerable about my life experiences.  Why?  Because vulnerability is a posture of strength and I choose to share so we all can learn and experience success.

Background on Me and the Fam

Where do I start?  Krystal and I married back in April of 2001 and haven’t looked
back…well, yes, we did during some points on the timeline.  There were points during our marriage that we were barely hanging on by that one little thread and I thank God we didn’t punch the ticket on divorce.  It was only through His grace and being surrounded by accountability partners of married couples who said we couldn’t give up that we are still kicking it.  She is the lady of my dreams and at the same time, I still look at her as the same college girl I met while she was a hostess at Harper’s restaurant where I first laid eyes on her.

In marrying my wife, I inherited one of the greatest blessings of my life:  A little 7-year old girl, named Kamille. marques holmes' daughter kamille and son majorThis little girl broke me in real good to the joys of fatherhood.  I say that now, because the ocean of Blended Family life is very hard to navigate.  This is where the struggle began early on in our marriage coupled with me getting laid off 3 times in the 1st year of our marriage.  We had great pre-marital counseling from a couple that has been married over 50+ years but nothing could have prepared us for the Blended Family life and the challenges we would face.  This is why, The Blended Family Guy, our consulting and family coaching practice for helping families and teams blend together is so important to me and my wife.

We also have our little guy, Major, the 2nd of our children and the gap between our 2 amazing children is 19 years in age.  I’m actually grateful for the age gap, we learned a lot in raising a very independent child in Kamille and it’s helped in raising Major.  It hasn’t been without a few bumps in the road but we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We live in Houston, TX where my wife is a recording artist and she owns a music school.  In my free time I enjoy taking my wife on dates, coaching my son’s sports teams and going to movies with my daughter.

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