10 Steps To Putting Your Dream To The Test (Part 2)

The Pregnancy Test

  In part 2 of this blog on Putting Your Dream To The Test, I want to parallel Steps 6-10 in relation to the birth of our second child, Major Alexander, which was a dream come true for me and my wife. Major took just under 10-years to become a reality and it wasn’t without […]

180° X 360° – This Isn’t Math, It’s Leadership

How I Lost The Job, The Car and Just About Everything Else

An equation of leadership. One of the most important lessons I learned is that life is a series of choices.  Where we as people miss the mark sometimes, is thinking we have to make choices independent of intelligent council.  I’m not speaking of choices on whether to eat red or green Skittles but those choices […]

Welcome To My New Blog!

First, I’m glad I finally entered the blogging world and I’m glad you’ll be joining me on this new journey.  My reason for starting has one primary focus: I am passionate about leadership and enjoy the exchange of conversation regarding it.  As one of my greatest mentors, John Maxwell so eloquently stated:  “Everything rises and […]