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Sincere thanks for visiting my speaker’s page. You’ll find on this page what to expect from me, the 120% guarantee, how to contact me, topics I cover and what people are saying about me.

Overview Of Expectations

This page is an overview of what to expect from me as your speaker, keynote or teacher or workshop clinician. Please click on the links below to take you to the relevant sections:

Expectations & The 120% Guarantee

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How To Book Me

Expectations & The 120% Guarantee

  1. Me and my team of professionals will contact you within 24-hours to discuss the engagement, timeline, what you need from us to make your event a complete success
  2. Your event will be broadcast across all my social media channels helping amplify the event. The event will also be placed on my event calendar. This is all based on your approval of course.
  3. The 120% Guarantee – Look, if you’ve given me the opportunity to speak at your event, my promise, my guarantee is to give you 120% of everything I have. I believe in leaving it all on the stage, leaving nothing in the reserve tank. I realize I have an opportunity to impact your attendees, your employees, your students and I will capitolize on every second of it.
  4. Any of my speaking sessions can be made info either a keynote or workshop
  5. Post Event Follow-Up – I believe in the follow-up to see how I did, did I miss anything and how I could even do better. Your feedback is critical to my success.

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Strong Blend Topics I Speak On:

The main topics I speak on are blended families, marriage, parenting, leadership, team building, launching your online business, and empowering our youth.

  1. The Blended Family Guy – Navigating the ocean of blended family life is hard. Trust me, my wife and I lived it. The thing is, back when we got married, we had amazing marital counceling but we didn’t know just how hard it would be melding a blended family. This is why one of our core missions is coaching blended families on how they can make it.
  2. Strong Blend Marriage & Parenting – After 16 years of marriage, raising a 24-year old and 6-year old while trying to maintain harmony between marriage, family life and pursuit of dreams, Krystal and I offer very relevant, thought provoking and transparent means of maintaining this healthy dynamic. Whether it’s coaching my son’s soccer team or training him to be the next news broadcaster, we are in the business of training our future leaders. Let us help you at your next event.
  1. Leadership/Team Building – Leadership is about influence, nothing more, nothing less. I speak on the topic of leadership and how this makes or breaks any relationship whether personal or business. With being a certified behavior analyst, I help people and teams recognize patterns in personalities and how to get the most out of any relationship.
  1. Launching Your On-Line Business – If you haven’t launched your business online, then you are really not serious about the success of making your business a revenue generating machine with fulfilling your passion at it’s core. I speak about how to launch your business on-line and build your social media platform.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

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Past Speaking Engagements

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How To Book Me